Less CO2 emission and less costs

The EcoSwitch

The EcoSwitch is a switch you can plug into the wall outlet. Plug the cable of your electrical device into the switch.

The EcoSwitch fetches energy prices via WiFi from the internet and switches on when the price is lowest. In the web interface you can create a schedule, which determines during which hours (and for how long) the EcoSwitch is allowed to be switched on. The EcoSwitch will then calculate a plan that suits your needs.

The EcoSwitch 10A and EcoSwitch Plus 10A are suitable for currents up to 10 Ampère.

EcoSwitch Plus 10A

EcoSwitch 10A

The Ecosoft Energy Planner

It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. Even without reducing your energy consumption, you can reduce greenhouse gas emission if you choose the best moment to use energy. If your have a flexible contract with your energy supplier (when pricing depends on the hour of the day you are consuming energy), you will not only protect the environment, you will save money as well.

To schedule this, you can use the Ecosoft Energy Planner.

Full Flex Energy Contract

Some large energy suppliers offer full flex energy contracts: your total energy costs will depend greatly on which hours of the day you’re using the most energy. Price fluctuations are considerable during the 24 hours of the day. A flexible contract gives you the opportunity to benefit from it, especially when you are using an EcoSwitch that does the calculations for you and switches on when the prices are lowest.

In the Netherlands, for example, the following suppliers offer full flex contracts:
Frank Energie