About the EcoSwitch

Automatically reduced electricity expenses

What is an EcoSwitch?

The EcoSwitch is a smart plug that switches devices on and off, depending on the electricity price of the moment. Dynamic energy tariffs vary constantly. Consumers can benefit from these fluctuations by using electricity at the right time. The EcoSwitch does this automatically, which is convenient, cost-effective and sustainable. Let’s explain why and how.

The benefits of the EcoSwitch

EcoSwitch users experience a number of benefits:

  • Automatically reduced electricity expenses.
  • More green energy.
  • Less grid congestion.
  • Better insight into their energy consumption (EcoSwitch Plus).

We’ll go through these benefits one by one.

Automatically reduced electricity expenses

Did you know that electricity prices are sometimes negative? This means that you’ll get paid for using electricity! Why? Due to fluctuations in sunshine and wind, there are moments when there is an energy surplus. Supply exceeds demand and the price drops below zero. Even if it doesn’t get that low, these are the best moments to charge your EV or heat your boiler. The EcoSwitch does that automatically.

More green energy

As described above, when the electricity price is low, this is usually because of a high supply in green energy. That’s when the EcoSwitch turns on your devices, so you don’t need to use this energy when demand is high and fossil fuels are being used to meet that demand. Many people don’t realise that they might use fossil fuel even though they have a green energy contract. The EcoSwitch minimises that use automatically!

Less grid congestion

Our energy grid is reaching its maximum capacity. Not throughout the day, but at peak hours, when demand is high and prices too. The EcoSwitch avoids the use of electricity during those hours, thereby spreading our collective energy consumption at peak hours. This means that we, as a society, optimise the use of our grid collectively. And you get rewarded financially!

Better insight into your energy consumption

The EcoSwitch Plus is capable of measuring the exact power use. Being more aware of your energy consumption allows you to take better decisions about your energy use, which is good for you and for the environment.

How does the EcoSwitch work?

Simply plug the EcoSwitch into your power socket. Then you plug whatever device you want to control into the EcoSwitch (see picture below). After configuring the EcoSwitch on your smartphone or internet browser, it’ll start working right away.

The EcoSwitch gets its data from our service on a daily basis. Depending on your settings, it’ll make a new schedule every day. You can choose to set a certain amount of hours that a device needs to be on or to set a time when something (for instance your warm water) needs to be ready. The rest goes automatically. Obviously, you can choose to overrule the schedule manually or from your smartphone anytime.

EcoSwitch work flow

Both the EcoSwitch and the EcoSwitch Plus are suitable for currents up to 10 Ampère.

Read more about installing and using the EcoSwitch in the EcoSwitch Quick Guide.