About Ecosoft

Since the start of the industrial revolution, technological progress has developed rapidly. This has led to numerous benefits: economical wealth, comfort and increased welfare.

Lately, we’ve become more and more aware of the downsides of this development. Pollution and exhaustion of resources are notable examples. If we want to keep enjoying the benefits of our knowledge and technology, we’ll have to develop sustainable products.

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Ecosoft is doing just that. We are specialised in future-proof hardware and software. Our systems offer today’s consumer convenience without passing on the nasty consequences to the next generations. That’s not always easy, but we consider it an important challenge.

With decades of ICT experience we are now focusing on energy management in and around the house. We see a lot of room for improvement, but we also feel an urgent need. If we, as a society, succeed in a better handling of energy issues, we’ll prevent major problems and retain our standard of living.

Sustainable comfort