Keuken met EcoSwitch

Save power consumption costs

What do we offer?

Smart Energy Products

With Ecosoft’s energy products, your home will automatically manage energy consumption smarter. And this will benefit everyone.


Use electrical power during the cheapest hours only.


View current energy prices and plan your energy consumption smartly.

Ecosoft Energy app

View and control everything from your mobile phone.

What are the advantages?

Save costs: switch on your devices only when electrical energy is cheapest.

The energy consumption price increased by almost 400% during the year. Many people are looking for ways to save costs. We offer the EcoSwitch to do this easily. EcoSwitch is a smart plug, that switches on your connected devices when energy prices are low and switches them off when prices are high. This way you will save energy costs and reduce CO2 emission!

  • Save costs: switch on your devices only when electrical energy is cheapest.
  • Save CO2: during low-price hours, green energy production is high.
  • Less strain on the electrical grid: optimize the usage of the infrastructure.

Getting to know the EcoSwitch

Easy & Convenient

Plug the EcoSwitch Plus into the wall socket and configure it using your PC or smartphone. The EcoSwitch will retrieve energy prices from our server every day. It will power on your connected device when the price is low or even negative.

You’ll only need a smart meter and a WiFi connection. To actually save money using the EcoSwitch, you will also need a dynamic tariff plan with your electricity supplier.

Read more about how the EcoSwitch works.

What’s our goal?

Smart Electronics

Finding smart solutions for today’s energy challenges, that’s where we are enthusiastic about. We have been developing hard- and software for decades. We gladly put our experience into action, building a better future. Read more about us.